Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting ready

I guess step one of the process of going to Florida has begun. We now have a place to stay which is in Davenport, south and west of Orlando. We thought this year that we would get our own place as it's very challenging for Chris and Laura and Jocelyn to have the parents there for two weeks or more. With a baby, there are schedules to go by and jobs to go to and I think it will work well for us to be about 25 minutes away so that we can go and visit any time we want and when it's bed time, hop in the car, head down #4 and get to our own nest. It's a two bedroom condo and this will give us a chance to know if we want to be there longer and in what type of accommodations we want to stay. Some friends have their own units in parks; some are rv'ers; some rent homes. It's just a matter of finding what works for us. We are close enough to go to the coast and visit with friends who are there but the main thing is to be able to see Chris and Laura and the baby any time we want. Stay there for the day with Jocelyn and get to know her; have them come over for a visit. Have a chance to entertain the inlaws. I think it will work well. In fact, I am now really interested in getting set to go. Starting to make a list of the things to search out in the grocery store. My new cookbooks by The Barefoot Contessa references 'good' pasta; 'good' canned tomatoes...I am making the list and will be shopping at Whole Foods and The Fresh Market to find those items. Also I need another dozen cans of Rotel tomatoes. There is more to shopping in Florida than outlet stores!!