Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlotte NC

Well we made it to Charlotte this afternoon, the 28th. Charlotte is the Washington of the South and is a very busy city. Deadly traffic; high speed travel and quite nerve wracking for me. I drove some of the way here and was in a sweat when I turned the driving back to Mike.

We got here too late to go to the Hall of Fame so we will do that tomorrow. We plan to have an early breakfast, go to the Hendrick Motorsport shops and also to DEI if we have a chance. Then a few hours at the HOF which should be fun. Charlotte seems to be all about racing and there are many places you can go here to get your fill.

Tonight there was a tornado threatening the south and we had very heavy rain and thunder. It felt like rain since we got here. There are flowers in bloom all over Charlotte and trees that are covered in tiny pink blossoms. Very beautiful. We did a bit of shopping at the local Kohl's and I decided it was too soon to think about buying anything although there were dozens of interesting things.

Wilma texted that they are in Jacksonville tonight. They take their place tomorrow. We have lots of time and will be at Bonnie and Peter's on the 4th and then to Davenport.

That's about it for day 4. Tomorrow is just tourist things. Mike is asleep already and I think this easy day was good for him. He got his Sirius going this afternoon. My new GPS is easy to use and getting us where we want to be. So far it's all good.

Thanks for stopping in and more as we go.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The dreaded Day 2

WEll day two is in the can at this point and what a day it was. We woke this morning to snow and more snow in Portland and that continued for a few hours. Terrible driving and white outs. We wouldn't drive to Hfx in that kind of weather and here we were slugging along through Maine, NH, Mass and ultimately to Maryland, DC and now Virginia. We are in Fredericksburg for the night and are likely to head to Charlotte tomorrow.By the time we got here, it was 13C which was quite a change from the - 8C we started out in this morning. Mike did all the driving today but tomorrow, in the south, the driving will be easier and I will get a chance to help. He's a trooper.

Forgot to say that we arrived at Mardens last night at quarter past five and they close at five on Sunday!!! Very disappointing for my shopping tour!! As far as the driving today is concerned, Mike and I have two different opinions. I was stressed to the max and he just trucked on through. Boston was fine. Then came NY. We drove down past Yonkers and crossed the George Washington Bridge. That process took almost an hour and then heavy traffic down along the ugliest stretch of highway in the world. Past Newark Airport and through Elizabeth NJ which is unbelievably industrial...oil storage tanks as far as the eye can see. Hard to describe really. We were shocked by the amount of traffic. Hartford was fine and I guess the absolute worst was along Baltimore and then around DC. By that time it was dark and that makes things worse. As far as the eye could see both forward and back...headlights and tail lights. I know that we won't be going home that way and likely never drive that way again. Stressed beyone belief with crazy drivers by the hundreds.

But we are here safely and that's what counts. Easier tomorrow. Will have to check out the NASCAR Hall of Fame before we leave here so as to be ready. I am tired tonight. Mike is already asleep and it's only ten.

So hope things are good with you. Thanks for stopping by and more to follow.

Day 1

Well day one is in the books and we are in Portland Maine at an old and rather sad Best WEstern. They will do what they want to these grand old dames but they are still old. Not bad, but just old. Anyway we got here around 7pm after a long day but now quite as bad as it could have been. Roads in NS were worse than we would have liked but we waited to leave till 9 and things were cleaning up by the time we got to NB. Roads there were great and continued to be better till we got to the bare ones in Maine. Just a long day...nothing much.

Today, Day 2, we are heading on the harder drive. We were surprised to see snow falling this morning but hope it won't be much. Should get through Boston, NYC and beyone DC by evening. This is the hard day; hope it's a good one.

Thanks for dropping by!! Still checking our email just in case!!