Sunday, May 8, 2011

...and now, it's May!!

Well I am starting off with a picture of me wearing my Fascinator that I made for the Royal Wedding. You will have to take it from me that it looks great with red pyjamas. I got up at three-twenty a.m. and promptly made tea and had it with Thistle Scones that I made the night before, and with an incredible blueberry/lemon/ginger jam. At four, my son and daughter in law from Saskatoon rang me up on Skype and we watched the whole thing together on CNN for the next three and a half hours. That was far better than watching it alone, which was Plan B. I guess the little hat will go away now until the next royal wedding. I only wish I had bought feathers in Florida so that I could have done a 'better' job!!

I I have not been the most productive quilter this year. There are reasons; none of them good enough. Already I have plans for the next twelve months and I intend to be more organized and busy than in the past.

In the last while I have managed to finish a few things; the little square project was made with a Christmas Charm Pack and turned out rather well. The paper pieced wall hanging will go to the Gyro International Convention in Halifax in July, something for them to sell or offer for auction at the event. I have a few other things that are still on my table to go with the little hanging. I call it "Atlantic" for all of the visitors.

The pink piece is what I did for Sheila as part of our Brown Bag Challenge. I love the way it turned out and will do one for myself. This can be made in three sizes and the one I did is the middle one. I guess it's difficult to determine just how big it is from the photo but essentially it's a table topper or would look fine on the back of a chair for want of another place to put it. The Brown Bag Challenge is one of my favorite projects in our Guild. I wish more people would participate. This year only 12 people took the plunge.

More to come; I have a few pics to take and an hour to find!!!