Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Another beautiful Wednesday

If I were home today I would be working on a quilt project with friends but instead I am getting ready to leave in just one small way...I am thinking about it and starting to sort.Visited with Wilma this morning and got caught up on her news and purchases. I had to change a pair of pants at the Bealls store in Largo and we drove home through busy traffic. Mike got tired along the way and I drove for perhaps the last third of the way. One blip on the highway can clog up cars for miles and miles. There was an accident on an off ramp and we were at a dead stop three miles from there; three lanes of traffic stop and go for three miles and then............away we went.

I don't like driving at high speed, by which I mean anything over 70mph, but there is little or no choice on the freeway or highway here. You become a traffic hazzard if you are driving at 60 or even 65 because cars and trucks are mounting up behind you. Cars still pass you like you are stopped. These must be very important people who are headed to do brain surgery or solve the nuclear problem in Japan because there could be no other reason for that kind of speed on a Wednesday afternoon in their Ford Focus. There are many many important people here in Florida. Whodathunkit!!??

Looks like we are in for the night and this might be an American Idol night. Dinner will be at 612TC. Tomorrow I have to make fish cakes to take to Luge Lane on Friday. We will pick Chris up from work and then maybe make those pickles he wants me to do with him. I still have two places to go: the LeCreuset outlet which will be on Friday on our way into the city (I am looking for the BIG round dutch oven at a reasonable price) and the Florida Mall. Not much to do there but I have one kiosk I want to visit and then a meander through. I always love to go to TeaVana to see the do-dads they have and to test the tea of the day.

No pictures today. Just the ramblings of someone who would love to be here longer!! So of us has to get back to work but he has been a great sport about the whole trip so that's not a complaint. More tomorrow; drop by if you have a chance.

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