Tuesday, March 8, 2011

A little shopping tour

A beautiful day today; we did a little shopping outing this morning but neither of us is really into it just yet. Lots of time and the list isn't that long.

Mike has a terrible cough and I am not sure if he is going to need a trip to the doc or not. He says no and I guess that's going to be the answer but if he isn't improving in a couple of days, we may have to bite the bullet and go. We both had colds before we left and mine is better now although I was still coughing when we were on the road but he seems worse in the last few days. It's a wait and see situation at this point.

Off to get Chris in an hour and then after the visit for the ultrasound we will likely have Shroves for supper. I offered to bring my box of pancake mix from Cracker Barrell but Chris informed me that's not the way they roll and he will be doing them from scratch!! I thought the mix was a pretty good idea but not for him.

All for now. I am going to read awhile while Mike is at the pool. We checked out the club house this morning and it's quite something with several exercise machines, a pool table and a huge entertainment space as well as the access to the pool and hot tub. There were oodles of people there this morning and apparently you should arrive early to get a chaise. Everyone was as brown as a chestnut...have they never heard of sun damage?! I will look like a sheet when I get there!

Enjoy your day; more when we know about baby!!

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