Thursday, March 24, 2011

Things to remember for next time

It happens quite often...Mike and I will be coming home from something or other and we are already correcting a mistake or two. This year was the same: we have mentally made the corrections for next year, or at least we have noticed what we want to do differently.

Next year will definitely be a longer stay but in the same place. We loved the condo and will be booking ourselves in for the month of March.

I have to shop early and not leave things to buy in Maine. By the time we get there I just want to be home and I can't focus on the shopping.

We will come home in three days. That way, one of us will be very happy and the other one of us will tolerate the long days. It's certainly doable; we just have to start earlier in the morning, not at eight but at six, and stay on the road longer, getting off at six or seven and not at four. YOu can do anything for three days.

Next year we will play golf while we are in Florida.

We will have to find accommodations for the cats. It's too hard on Baby to be alone in the house for a month. The Jazz probably doesn't know we are gone but the older girl is a wreck when we get back. Not good for her.

We want to spend more time with family and extended family. Chris and Laura have been married for three years and we still barely know her parents.

Actually this was a great trip but not long enough.I am not sure it will ever be long enough but a month will be an improvement and we will add on the travel time. HOpefully next year we will have guests; Brian and Leslie may visit and our friends Terry and Norma might come along as well. Already I can't wait to go back.

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