Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 15th Already!!

We had a lovely day today. John and Judy Briand are in Kissimmee and have been staying in the same house for the winter months for several years now. They do the five bedroom thing and have friends/relatives/singles/doubles come and stay for week/weeks/months at a time, all of whom share in the costs of the house while they are there. It works for them really well. Their children come and this year, their inlaws are coming as well. Lovely for all.

Judy is a shopper and so is John. She has seven grandchildren now and has seven piles of clothes she buys for each. Also she does all of her Christmas shopping and all of the birthday shopping. I am tired just thinking about it. Again, it works for them.

Lynn Mersereau is there this year as usual but this time, he is without Joan whom you may or may not know, passed away before Christmas. He is very lonely and decided he would drive down rather than stay home alone. It's a difficult time for him; the year of firsts is a hard year.

We dashed home here around three, changed our duds and headed to Pointe Orlando for dinner with the fam at Maggianos. Then to Chris's for a continued visit. We will see them one more time before leaving on Saturday.

So....tomorrow....we will be heading to Largo; I bought pants there a couple of days ago that have to be returned and this time hope to get to see Wilma and perhaps the Smiths on the way back. One thing in Florida...you rarely have to say, in the month of March, I will see what the weather is like and if it looks good, I will head out early!!! No sireeee, you don't have to say that!!

And the days dwindle down to the precious few.....

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