Thursday, March 10, 2011

A day for the record books

Well this one is almost done and it was a dandy. Mike has been coughing his head off for a few days and for some reason today he agreed to go to the doctor. Now going to the doctor in Florida is not quite as easy as it sounds but not as difficult as you might think either. We went to the pharmacist in Publix and asked if there were any doctors in the vicinity and she gave us the card for a lovely practice nearby. I then called our insurer and that took about thirty minutes to get straightened out. Off to the doctor...the insurer sent his information to the practice and as we went out the door...Mike left the keys on the counter. Now I had a spare car key but not a spare key for the shack. We had to do the first things first so off to the medical clinic. We got a computerized tablet with every question you could imagine to be answered on a touch sensitive screen...another 15 minutes; then the wait; then the nurse; then the wait; then the doctor...three prescriptions and off to the pharmacy. But to get back into the shack.

Called Chris and told him to send an email to the owner. I had her email address but what I didn't have was the "what to do book" which was INSIDE. So Chris sent an email and we then waited again. A long story in with the key which was in the bottom of my bag. DON'T EVEN ASK. This really doesnt' sound like much of a day but let me say, there were a few tense hours in there.

So back to the pharmacy for $128 worth of drugs. The patient is already quite impatient but at least I am off his case. That alone should be worth the $128.

All of this happened after a morning of rain and a lot of shopping. We were pretty tired when the whole drama commenced and now, over a glass of chianti it almost seems bearable.

More on the shopping trip after the wine. Come back!!

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  1. Sounds like lots of excitement. Trust the meds will help to put Mike on the mend. Enjoy.