Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday on the road

After a good sleep last night in Selma NC, we hit the road early and drive for ten hours again today. The myth of travelling on Sunday is a real myth as far as we are concerned. We were in traffic all day except for the last two hours when we seemed to be the only people on the go. We listened to the race at Bristol Motor Speedway Baby today as well remembering how we were there last year and just how cold it was there. In spite of the busy drive, I enjoyed the geography of Virginia and Pennsylvania. When you are the passenger, you may as well find something of interest and entertainment and for me, it was observing the geography of the region. Very hilly in Virginia and apparently, full of coal. Likewise into Penn as we drove through mountains and discovered amazing cities tucked in valleys and at 2000 feet. So much coal; then the power plants; then the industries. ... and the population to support all of it. As we looked down at these cities in valleys we also looked across to rows of windmills generating clean power, beside the plants burning the coal. In the cuts where the road went through hills in incinvenient places, you could see the layers and layers of rock that accumulated over millions of years and the forces that drove the mountains up were quite evident in massive layered rocks protruding from the earth at unbelievable angles. I was fascinated. It's still brown in the north, but in both NC and SC the gras is greening up and it's looking like spring there. We saw ice on the rocks in Penn and ski hills still operating although the rest of the landscape is devoid of snow.

Tomorrow I know MIke wants to make it home. I don't think it can be done. I have a few places I need to stop and show. Perhaps my next note will be from the road, at least I hope so. Trusting your day has been a good one; I am too tired this evening to be creative n my writing. The facts today; just the facts!!

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