Monday, March 7, 2011

Things and stuff

Well this place is set up. Things I found that I needed/liked/hated/couldn't can figure out which is which:

...lots of those ugly dry flower thing-y-s that are everywhere in Florida (I have been moving/hiding them this morning), including a pretend tree which is now in a closet.

...a needle and thread

...super glue

...baskets of all kinds and sizes

...fluffy white towels of all sizes

...a calculator operating air fresheners

...every utensil known to man, including a lime juicer (being on the key limes for a pie) iPod docking station, a DVD player and a great tv

...walk-in closets that are as big as our bathroom

...a desk for the computer whici is two meters long

...phones to receive calls and make local calls (863 420 6754)

...everything you could want in a kitchen, including a dishwasher and garburator

...and the hits just keep on coming. Watching Regis and Kelly at 9am...I usually miss it here in Fla because I forget it's on so early.
Have a good one; more later.

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