Thursday, March 17, 2011

Thursday in the Sunshine State

I checked one more item off the list today: the new LeCreuset casserole that's on the large size. I have a lovely sized one that I use for most things but I wanted that giant that I would take out every once in a while. You know the one...the one that lives in the basement because there's no room in the kitchen-----THAT one!! We got to the Prime Outlets off Kirkman/Oak Ridge/International....whatever you call it; went to the directory, found it straight ahead, bought it and returned to the car. That was the trip to the outlets. Good with me. Already today we had gone to Whole Foods for an inspirational walk through, to the cigar store (where I waited in the car) and we had been in an unbelievable jam on #4. So much so that we zipped off at the Animal Kingdom and then proceeded to wander around till we found our way back out of the parks. Went to the Florida Mall, again just to have been there, and bought a gift at TeaVana. When we came out, we thought we had lost the car and spent the better part of twenty minutes wandering around. Who would believe that three sides of JCP all LOOK EXACTLY THE SAME. I was certain we had come out of the same door we went in through, but APPARENTLY WE HADN'T. Well that wasn't pretty. Not even a bit. On the way home we drove through Champions Gate, a golf community that seems rather swanky. Mike decided to go to the pool and as he was getting ready he said to me that he had mixed up a drink using the fruit juice and tequila mix that were in the fridge along with some dark rum and had ruined the taste of each of them!!! We both roared.

Supper will be here at 612 this evening. We ate lunch at the Orlando Ale House at the Florida Mall and had Reuben sandwiches which were really good. Tonight we will work at eating what's left here and I am going to make the fish cakes for tomorrow. Later I will dash over to Publix to get a couple of containers for sandwiches for the first day on the road. Don't know what we are doing tomorrow; afternoon will be to get Chris. He is taking off a bit early...then supper and spend the evening with them.

It's hot today. Beautiful. Hot. Not much more to add to that. Only a few more posts to come; thanks for visiting.

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