Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The electronics tour

So we are on the road and just how much electronics should two people be taking in the car to Florida???
  1. my camera, battery charger and its cables
  2. his camera and its cables and whatever else is in that camera bag
  3. my GPS because I find his too complicated, and the cable for that, and the mounting gear
  4. his GPS because he thinks mine is too simple and he likes complicated...and the cables
  5. Sirius satellite radio, moved from his car to mine...and the cables
  6. my phone and the charger
  7. his phone and its charger
  8. his computer which neither of us seems able to do without
  9. A PRINTER STILL IN THE BOX (don't even ask me!!!!)
  10. my iPod, cable and ear phones
This seems like a lot to me......

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