Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday in the Sunshine State

Today is our first look at Florida rain but it's supposed to be headed east in a couple of hours so I guess that means it's going to rain in the east in two hours. Or something. We thought about going to Daytona today to poke around Bike Week but we may wait a bit and check that out.Mike has a cough. I think he needs to see a doctor to get a puffer of some kind. The cough is getting worse and it's as though he is going to cough up his shoes. It may be a bit of a problem to find a local doc but I will be on the hunt today and will check with RBC insurance to determine what they will suggest. Then of course, we have to see what the PATIENT suggests. That could be another sotory.Sea World was lovely yesterday. It's our favorite park as you can do a tour in three hours and feel like you have seen something. It's always new. We left at noon and had wings for lunch and then came back here to the shed and napped for awhile. Part of whatever's going on with Mike: he gets tired. I do too and we needed a good rest up yesterday afternoon. He went to the pool for awhile, to read...not to swim. Will add some pics!!

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