Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Back in the nest

Yes it did snow in Bangor last night. It snowed a lot. The parking lot was plowed when we got up at five forty-five and after breakfast we hit the road. There wasn't an option and we figured that if the plows were out, the roads would be passable. There was always a black strip ahead of us; sometimes it was packed with snow/ice but by Houlton, the roads were bare and we were off and running. No problems at the border and as usual, when we cleared, we looked at each other and said "we should have bought more". I eventually got tired shopping except for that foray into the Maine Mall in Portland which I mentioned previously.

Nothing exciting on the drive home. We arrived at The Ranch at about three thirty and the next couple of hours were devoted to settling BAby. She was totally distraught when we got here. She doesn't like being home alone and I feel this is the last year we can do that. Even with Mary coming in every couple of days, that old cat is not in good shape when we are gone. She needs to be with someone...anyone for that matter. Jasmine went out when I opened the door and has been in and out again since. She is pretty adaptable but Baby is on me, beside me or following me since we arrived. She is needy anyway but worse when we have been away.

So the first laundry is done; the unpacking is done. There is cat hair EVERYWHERE. The table in front of the living room window is covered in paw prints. I left the curtains open so that Baby could sit on that table and watch the world go by and it appears that she did just that. Tomorrow I will get out the vacuum cleaner and get rid of the hair on the furniture. I took up scatter mats in the bathrooms and laundry room to prevent the piles of hair on them. Tomorrow then, clean up. Going out for a walk early to get back into that routine. The vacation is done and the blog is almost done too, except for one more entry I am orgainzing in my mind. That one will be for tomorrow.

I hope it served the purpose I had intended. I think it's a good idea because I now have a record of what we did and some of the details I might forget over months are recorded. For whatever reason!! Thanks for stopping in; I have enjoyed rambling on about simple things. Didn't get around to saving a life or performing brain surgery...I'll leave those for next time. Tomorrow is the summary...Till then.....

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