Sunday, March 6, 2011

Catching up

While we were staying in hotels is was very convenient and easy to get caught upon the travel and things done but when we left Charlotte and headed south, things started to change a bit. I am giving the short version this morning and will catch up this evening when we are back in this unbelievable condo. More on that later!!

We left Charlotte and decided to push through to Chris' place and arrive there around six thirty on Wednesday evening. Chris was working late so we visited with Laura and Jocelyn and after an hour or so, headed to the Holiday Inn for the night. In the morning we drove through and checked out these digs from the outside and then on to see Roger and Maureen in Largo for a bit. Then on to WEsley Chapel for two nights with Bonnie and Peter. They are the most remarkable hosts and we loved being with them which was our experience last year as well when they were in Perry Georgia. We played some bridge and ate well and had a generally fantastic visit. They are leaving for NS in a month. On Saturday we met with Chris and Laura and Jocelyn along with Laura's parents at the strawberry festival in Plant City. Thousands and thousands of people. When we were worn out, we dashed off to Largo again for Roger and Maureen and stayed with them overnight, left from there and now we are in our place.

Well we are speechless. You ought to see this place. My description would not do it justice but I will say it has so exceeded our expectations that we cannot believe it. I am unpacked and we will be going off to Publix to fill the larder in a bit. Really it is fabulous and we will be back. Although I hate to leave, we will be going to Chris' later today and will have dinner with them and when baby and parents are off to bed, we will be too. We don't plan to do anything tomorrow. WE have been on the road in one fashion or other now for seven days and it is tiring. Tomorrow we are going to hang around here. I will get caught up on details; hope Aaron and Brian are checking this blog now and then. I know Carol is visiting and thanks for doing that!! Wilma too, maybe. Anyway, if you are reading this, I am glad you stopped by and from now on I will be back on a regular schedule of updates. The next major thing is finding out if we are getting a boy or a girl in July!! Stay tuned!!

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