Tuesday, March 15, 2011


We just don't have the time I would like for this trip. I feel like I am running and running to keep up and to check things off the list. Getting into the car at the end of this week is going to be a rest for me. We wanted to spend as much time as we could with Chris and Laura and Jocelyn. With them working, it's hard to visit in the evenings as they are tired after a full day of work and Jocelyn is winding down as well. Additionally that puts us on the road during the absolute worst traffic time when people are leaving the parks or leaving they city or whatever these thousands and thousands of people are doing. Chris and Laura took a day off last week for Sea World and we had a great outing. We had supper together on Friday; Saturday they were busy getting ready for the party and on Sunday they had a housefull of people. Laura was wasted by 4pm. Her rest was going to work on Monday! So here we are: it's Tuesday and we are heading out in a bit; tomorrow we would like to go to the beach. I thought we were leaving on Sunday and had planned to spend Saturday at Luge Lane but it seems we are checking out that day. I've been trying to contact the owner of the condo to see if we can stay another day but she isn't answering my email just yet. YIKES!!!!!! Tick Tock!!! This always reminds me of the little message I saw on a post card a long time ago:
VACATION consists of:
2 weeks during which time you are
2 busy, and after which you are
2 tired
2 return
2 work
2 broke not
It looked funnier on the post card!!!

There will be plenty of time to rest up. We are having a really swell time. Sorry you checked in and got the rant today!!! I will be cheerier the next time!!

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