Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday in the snow

We started the day in snow and we finished it in snow although in between, we drove into it and out of it and into it again and out of it...and it went on. In New York state we stayed in Middletown which was past Scranton and in a very nice area, although it looked like a little dot on the map in the beginning. When we got up, Mike said to me " it didn't snow last night did it??" and I looked out the window to assure him it hadn't and everything was white. Breakfast was a disappointment; the first time we had stayed at Hampton Inn and had a less than great breakfast. I had lost my appetite when I saw the snow so the yogurt I had stashed in the fridge was all I could manage. Anyway on the road and off we went.

I always say I don't like shopping. There was a store I wanted to visit in the Maine Mall in Portland and we stopped there in the rain/snow mix. Well it was like I had landed in my favorite spot in the world. All the pretty shiny things!!! But I was on a mission at Coach, and after succeeding, I pulled myself out the door and headed for the car. I could have done some very serious shopping in that store for sure. It was like a miniature version of The Florida Mall. Even a TeaVana with better tea pots. I had already done damage there in Orlando so I just peeked in the window. Then to Bangor.

When we checked in the clerk told us not to park close to the door so that the plowing could be done in the morning. YIKES!!! I hope he is mistaken but only the morning will tell. We expect to leave early and get back to the ranch early. I hated to leave Orlando but now that we are close to home, I can't wait to get there. Lots of things to do. I bought some fabric at Mardens but didn't manage to get things on my list. A few requests from friends weren't found and I am disappointed about that but I looked and didn't find. All I could do!

So it's almost time for bed but Dancing With The Stars has started and that's the next two hours booked. More tomorrow.

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