Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I saw my first ultrasound yesterday and while three of the people in the room recognized everything they saw, I needed a bit of a tutorial. Essentially after checking all of the vital organs and bones and sizes, they started looking for something and when they didn't find it, the tech said "it looks like a girl to me!" and that was that. A baby sister for Jocelyn in twenty weeks. Very very exciting and we were so delighted to see this procedure. The baby is going to be called Bhreagh and that is so amazing since I hoped they would call her that, and NEVER SAID A WORD ABOUT MY NAME CHOICE!!! I just hoped Chris might think of it. GiGi said yesterday that she will spend her whole life spelling her name and I said...NOT SO..Ask anyone in Nova Scotia how to spell Bhreagh and they will do it correctly...especially all of those Cape Bretoners!!! That's the big news of the to Sea World...thanks for popping in today!!

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  1. I read this message with good helper who is called smart Aaron^^ hehe^^ That's so exciting!!!!! We didn't know you guys were going to see the ultrasound with them.I wish I could be there too."But taiwan is far away" that is Aaron said^^ For me ''Bhreagh" is so easy to spell it. Oposite day!hihihi^^ We think "Bhreagh" is so cute name♪We hope everyone has good time together☆★☆ From Rika