Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly

WEll making hotel choices isn't my strong suit. In fact, between us, Mike and I can make the worst menu and hotel choices. If we are tired, we take the first thing we see and say 'this will do' and then regret it but tired is a factor in decision making. The last two days in Charlotte we definitely had the good. Lovely room. Lovely. Big. Clean. New. And get this...when you registered, you got a card for three free drinks EACH at the managers reception and were invited to drop by for snacks. WEll we did that, with a certain skepticism only to find salad, spring rolls, popcorn chicken and baked potatoes, along with salsa and taco chips and regular chips and dip. ... and the six, beer or spirits. PLUS there was a free hot breakfast. WEll that was the good. $100/a night. We stayed two nights. Worth it.

The bad is tonight's choice. TIRED was the factor and we ended up at a HOliday Inn Express that is as tired as we were. On the plus side, the room is a suite with three rooms and two flat screen tv's, the whitest and biggest fluffiest towels and beautiful new drapes and sheers. There is a full kitchen which we don't need as well as a large dressing room between the bedroom and the living room. No breakfast. $100 a night.

The ugly was a Best WEstern somewhere in New England. Old. Looked good on the outside...the shell..but old. I could practically touch the ceiling. Cheaper than the others but still tired, old and sad. We decided we had seen the last of the Best WEsterns. Haven't been happy with any we stayed in. On the way home last year we stayed in one somewhere in NE and I stayed awake half of the night, thinking someone was going to charge through the door and pummell us to death. Huge room; but worn out. Would have been quite grand in it's day, which had long past.

So going home we will stay in Hampton Inns which we like. At one time, there was a slogan that went "At the Holiday Inn, the best surprise is no surprise". Well I hope they have retired that slogan because this was a surprise. In the halls it looks like a women's prison. The doors have dings. and the sad thing....just around the corner: three newer hotels which were on the right side of the street for easy access. We often decide on a hotel if it's on the right side of the street and don't have to make u-turns to get in the driveway!! Yes I's all our own faults!!

Off to see Bonnie and Peter tomorrow. We visited with Jocelyn and Laura tonight as Chris was working late. What an adorable little girl. Can't wait to see her again on the weekend. Thanks for dropping in. Pretty soon we will be in our own digs and I can't wait to see if it's good, bad or ugly!!

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