Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jocelyn turns two!!

Jocelyn's birthday was a great day with a house full of friends and children. We had lovely visits with people we have met over the past two years and ate barbecue and cake and lots of treats. We drove home in what I call loose traffic at six-thirty and it was the best drive back we have had in the past week. That must be the magic time.

Mommy and Daddy and toddler were all pretty tired at the end of the day after so much preparation. Laura is very imaginative and creative when it comes to decoration for a party. She is a scrap booker and has a lot of the do-dads to make place cards and lettering...She did a beautiful job of carrying out the Minnie Mouse theme for the party. She made a scrapbook for us with Jocelyn's birthday pictures and I will post some of those in a day or so. Clever Mommy. She and Chris also made the cake and the centerpieces.

Tomorrow will be a road day; off to Largo to see Roger and Maureen and maybe a couple of others if we can find them at home. We hope to see John and Judy on Tuesday and then, dinner at Maggianos!! We love that restaurant!

Looking like a busy week but we can rest up later in the month!! Hope you all are having a good week and hanging in there!! Thanks for looking in!

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