Monday, March 7, 2011

First morning

It looks grey this morning but you can't tell with Florida weather. It changes like it does in NS except that the swings are faster. This could be a banner day but it could be something a bit less. On the up side, there is no snow anywhere. Later I am going to check the web cams and see what the roads look like at home. Has there been any snow since we will be hard to tell!

I just made tea (King Cole that came along with us) and Mike is still in bed reading. He is tired but I think today will help both of us to get back to normal. He has a terrible cough which I suspect is from the pollen from the thousands of trees which are in bloom. I am hoping to get a main-pedi today somewhere. It's very quiet here, like in the country. However, if we drive for five minutes we are in the midst of it again...the traffic and the little shopping centers and the residential areas.

Speaking of which...this complex is enormous. I saw cars from MA and NY and Iowa and several from Ontario. Lots of Jags..the nice old ones that were so fashionable. Where do all of these people work? Last night driving home from Chris and Laura's, the traffic was amazing. As far as the eye could see, red lights in one direction and white lights from the other. Where were they all going??!! It takes us almost a half hour to get to C and L's from here in all of that, but it's at high speed and it takes almost that to get to Pictou Lodge when we are at home so the time is really relative.

I find food expensive in the grocery stores. Yesterday we went to Publix and whereas one time you expected to find food bargains in FL, I don't see it. It's pretty well dollar for dollar with NS on the things I bought but perhaps these basics are the same anywhere. Plus, I was buying the smaller sizes which are always more expensive. I have seen four Boars Head sauces I am going to bring home and I need all of the Emeril's Essesnces except for the turkey rub. I get that in Maine when I can just cram in one more bag.

Got all of this weeks 40% and 50% coupons off from Joann's. Most apply for one item only but I now have to find a Joann's. They are around and I listed some off the internet last night.

Well this is starting to ramble. Glad you took a look today. I know everyone is busy. Home day for Brian which is always a red letter day on his calendar. You can try out the new car! Aaron I see you are busy too with school and Graduation. Wish Rika a Happy Birthday from us. We are going to see about downloading Skype on this computer but Dad is less interested in it that I am. Also have to see today about getting my photos downloaded to this computer. ... by the way, I looked seriously at the iPads a few days ago. The new ones are coming out very soon so they are discounting the previous/older ones. I may wait...I may not to look. Enjoy your day wherever you are!! Till later!!

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